Amuse Bouche

Although the theme of this content is the same as that of the "Procatinator" page, I will be posting all video related entries here from February 15, 2012 onward. I'm not going to go back through all my previous posts but I wanted to leave the front page for more content-based entries. And as for the "Procatinator"...well, that's just too awesome to have buried amidst all the other videos I find.

May 6, 2016

Beautiful, new-to-me, artists:

Ysabel LeMay:

Jessica Durrant

March 6, 2013

Sometimes you have to take a break from the fact that the internet is full of anonymous shitheads. And today's break is courtesy of a cell phone company in the UK -- Telus, maybe you could take a hint?

My contribution:

October 23, 2012

I loved the Princess Bride movie when I was a kid and still enjoy it now. This picture of the cast 25 years later is so interesting to see (along with the sad absences).

August 29, 2012

My initials:
Keep confidences
Give freely
Seek wisdom
Nurture hope

June 14, 2012

May 3, 2012

5 People with way more coordination than I will ever have:

Pensive Cat (en Francais, bien sur)

Ducks! (en Francais, mais plus bien!)

Making of a book (Great, now I want a book press...)