Thursday, October 15, 2009


Susurration: n. A soft, whispering or rustling sound; a murmur.

Yesterday morning I awoke to the susurrous sound of rain falling steadily on trees, balcony and street. It is a calming sound and had I opened the window then I could have added the higher pitter-patter of droplets hitting the glass.

Susurration is one of those words that sounds like its meaning; it is a purring rumble that makes its way out of the mouth. I love the sheer volume of vocabulary – the way I am surprised by the sudden recollection of a word or stumbling across a new one.

These Boots Were(n't) Made for Walking

“I’m gonna find shoes and I’m ready for the weekend.” This is the chorus to one of the many random songs of the morning. I think that it is funny that while that must be a common utterance for many women, I do not believe I would have incorporated it into a song. On my way to work in the morning I observe the many styles of footwear women walk in. I can see ankles flexing outward, heels lifting from the back of shoes and the half-steps taken to balance a particularly high pair of heels. We deserve better quality.

Winging Along

I love to fly; I love the pressure of take-off and I love the dropping sensation of landing. I love turbulence and way the very word embodies the motion of the plane and the force of air, the force of the unseen. I always ask for a window seat because I enjoy looking over the earth, seeing the imprints that we have made upon it. Twinkling patches of thrumming life and the quiet expanses of less populated land; flying to you I would pass over vast stretches of ocean, I could be coming from anywhere but still going to you.


Fall and winter are my two favorite seasons. There are many horse chestnut trees along the street where I live and for the last two months, great green spiny bulbs have been growing overhead. They have swollen to massive proportions that now sway in the gentlest of breezes with the promise of a headache should one strike you on the way down to earth. The nickname “conkers” is quite appropriate as I believe I’d conk right out if I were hit. Active squirrels make the streets more dangerous yet as they shake conkers free, scattering spiny encasements and nuts alike.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have always been a cat person. I like all animals – I even considered becoming a vet and I grew up with dogs. But I have to say that cats are my favorite and given the choice between cats and dogs, dogs would lose. I love the quirks and grace of a cat’s personality and its independence. Cats still need love and affection but it’s that mix of independence and … cuddling that is so adorable. My family is quick to bring up my allergies when I mention getting cats but for me, a lifetime on allergy meds isn’t unreasonable.

Fashion Forward

There are very few stores whose clothing actually fits me well. Most designs that actually are carried above an 8 don’t care to alter the pattern to suit the change in body type. As a result, there is a lot of awkwardly fitting clothing out there. Fortunately I’ve found Esprit whose clothing actually fits me, has nice lines and prints I like. It’s a wardrobe miracle! The downside to this miracle would be the price tag, although cheaper than many other brands, it’s still not cheap. My wardrobe improvement strategy: shop the clearance racks and the sales! Yay bargain hunting!

Much Music

I used to have a routine that was straight forward and relatively simple. It involved dragging myself out of bed to watch Stargate SG1 and Atlantis while slowly making my breakfast and getting ready for work. (It also on occasion involved me falling asleep on the couch through one of the episodes.)

Space changed their schedule.

Now I flip channels and most often wind up watching Much Music. At this hour, some insomniacs have voted on the songs they want to hear. I have witnessed some of the most random and truly awful songs as a result. Why Space, why?

Proletariat Chariot

There are two kinds of public transit operators -- those who remember the pain of riding public transit and those who've relinquished their souls to the icy grips of indifference. Indifference if you're lucky -- malicious power tripping if the fates are not with you. I don't understand why sweet simple logic loses its foothold on something so basic as a timetable. Common courtesy is frequently absent as well which only adds a level of rider induced hell. A bevy of excuses and ready reasons await to beg pardon but I would prefer to spend less time in a handbasket.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hell on Wheels

Amazing!M and I went to see “Whip It” and I am so glad we did. Amazing!L had attended a live roller derby event and called me afterwards to tell me to sign up. “I’ve found your people!” she said, “They dress up in costumes, wear crazy makeup and take other people out. It’s perfect for you.”

How right she was! If only for the fact that I can’t roller skate I would absolutely try out for one of the local roller derby teams. It’s fun, raucous and full contact – sounds like a hoot to me. Did I mention the costumes?


I have the habit of writing things in my head and then never getting around to writing them in fact. The worst instance of this habit is exhibited in my correspondence; in an age of email and near instant communication, I constantly forget to send these “written” missives. The other instance that is easily recognized would be this blog. I have thought up and considered any number of topics that have thoughts on that can be expressed in 100 words. But I keep forgetting to actually, you know, write and post them. A critical step, I think you will agree.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I once thought about writing a Harlequin romance novel and observing all the stereotypes with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. There has been such a resurgence within the romance genre however, that I think that any attempt I made would be less humorous and appear more to be making fun of the readers. That’s not something I want to do – I like to make people laugh with me. Not at others and I’m learning to not make the jokes about myself. I just love to make people laugh, it makes me happy. Especially when I make awesome!L giggle.


I received my first email regarding National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November yesterday. Each year for the past three years I have signed up and tried to write my 50,000 words in a month (well, last year I didn’t even try). It means writing 1,666 words a day for the month of November – I can barely get in my 100 words a day here. It comes down to the question I’ve had since graduating university – do I actually want to be a writer? Everyone has one story to tell, theirs, but is it one worth the telling? Or reading?